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ADOS, at the service of local and citizen development

ADOS accompanies local government organizations to improve quality of life of citizens « here and elsewhere » for a sustainable development of our world. ADOS exchanges and shares best practices, its expertise and experiences connected to Senegal and France. ADOS is an NGO created in 1985 and now based in French Alps and in Matam (Senegal).

Our Values

  • To know each other :

To become aware of realities of another, to admit values of everybody, to share human experiences.

  • A sustainable participation of all actors :

to keep support of partners from the creation of the projet to its realization, unti its evaluation. To guarantee durability of actions.

  • An assurance and a shered responsability :

We define common aims from different realities. We share success as we share failure.

  • A fair relation :

We don’t feel anymore beneficiary or sponsor. We just think to learn someting about another.

Our interventions

1/ Support of decentralized cooperation

  • accompagny local governement authorithies (cities…)

  • Our areas of intervention:

    • Agriculture and food security

    • Access to drinking water and clean-up

    • Micro-projects, support of local initiatives

    • Health

    • Education

  • Networks leading

2/ Opening to international (exchanges, partnerships between professionals, between education establishments…)

3/ Education to citizenship

4/ Promotion of International Solidarity

  • support of solidarity projects

  • groups, actors and networks leading

  • events

Our Team

Our team is based in the French Alps (5 permanent members) and in Matam in Senegal (12 permanent members). The ADOS’ expertise is not limited to the know-how of the members of their own team, but also extends to an extensive network of skilled and experienced professionals associated with the organization. Otherwise we welcome 2 or 3 civil service volunteers per year.

Thus the multidisciplinary and intercultural composition of our team is essential to galvanize ad strengthen relationship between French and Senegalese actors.

Even if we usually work with actors from Matam (Senegal), we are able to work with actors from other regions of Senegal, and from countries similar to Senegal. If you need our expertise, please contact us, it would be a pleasure to help you.

Contact head office in France :

Michaële Groshans, director
+ 33 4 75 55 99 90

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